Friday 15 January 2016

U.S. Haul Part 2 - Indies (Nine Zero Lacquer, Pretty Serious etc)

Helloo! I'm back for part two of my giant U.S. haul (see part one here). I was initially going to do two posts - one for mainstream and one for indies. However I have nearly double the indie polishes as I did mainstream. As my mainstream post was quite long itself, I've decided to split my indie haul into two separate posts. Here's a sneak peak at what I have to show you today. Read on for the brands and names of each polish!

U.S. Nail Polish Haul - Indies @acertainbeccaa

This post will feature Nine Zero Lacquer, Pretty Serious Cosmetics, KB Shimmer, and Digital Nails. As before, I am starting with the brand I brought the most polishes from and ending with the least. Unless otherwise stated, I purchased directly from the brand websites.

Nine Zero Lacquer
(website here)

L-R: 'Stuck' Base Coat, 'No Time To Waste' Top Coat, 'Holo All The Things', and 'Pumpkin Everything', 'Candy Apple', and 'Concord' from the Harvest Festival Collection

I'm glad I managed to get my first order in before Jess had to change the labels on these. I do like the new labels but you can't quite beat holo! Before any swatches I think Candy Apple is my favourite.

L-R: 'Candy Pillowcase', 'Holo-ween', and 'Swamp Thing' - The Halloween Trio

I am in love with the names of this trio. I'm not a white crelly person but I think Candy Pillowcase might be the polish to change my mind! 

L-R: 'Twinkle Lights' and 'Santa Suit' from the Holiday Collection

Twinkle Lights has to be the most unique polish Jess has released so far. I'm actually wearing it right now (post here)! I'm not normally drawn to reds but for some reason Santa Suit was the other standout for me in the collection.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics
(website here)

L-R: 'Pookie', 'Cuddle Bunny', 'Snugglebutt', and 'Sugar Cakes' from the Well Meaning But Ultimately Awkward Pet Names Collection

These all look so much more vibrant than I expected, I want the rest of the collection!

L-R: 'Something Strange', 'Party Time! Excellent!', 'Absence' and 'Gluteus Equine'

I originally planned on going back for a second order to get 'Presence' and a couple more polishes from the Post Apocalyptic Princess Collection including 'Toxic Tiara' and 'Frogtown'. I also realllly wanted 'Haddonfield' so I'm a bit gutted that I never got round to ordering again!
KB Shimmer
(website here)

L-R: 'Snow Much Fun' and 'Shattered Heart'

I had been intrigued by these two polishes for a while! I did have my eye on a fair few others but these two were the most unique.

I have heard so many good things about KB Shimmers Mani Shots so I had to try some! I wasn't sure how well they would travel bringing them back to the UK so I didn't go too crazy and only got four. They all smell so good and I can't wait to try use them. 
Digital Nails
(website here)

L-R: 'CTRL+Z Cuticle Oil' (Cinnamon Bun) and 'Supernova'

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over on the Digital Nails Facebook Page for a bottle of CTRL+Z in my choice of scent. I chose Cinnamon Bun and it smells sooo good! Raphaelle was also kind enough to add a bonus polish for shipping to my Dad in the US instead of straight to my UK address.

Tada! That's it for the first half of my indie haul. What do you think of my picks so far? I always love to know what you think so leave me a comment below!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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  1. I need all of these polishes in my life lol epic haul again hun :) x

  2. Love them all 😍😍 the names of the Pretty Serious polishes are just brilliant!

    1. Thank you! I know, aren't they the cutest?! I may have bought some of them for the names haha! x

  3. Such a stunning collection! Love them all! :) Have to admit, I have quiet a few of these myself! Jess's polishes are amazing!!! Can't wait to read the next post... :D X

    1. Thank you Timea! :) Your Nine Zero hauls were making me so impatient when all of these were waiting for me haha! x

  4. What are the KM shimmer mani pots??

    1. They're like mini bath bombs to put in hand soaks :) full of jojoba oil and moisturizing ingredients, and they smell so good! x