Wednesday 13 January 2016

Nine Zero Lacquer 'Twinkle Lights'

Hi everyone! Today I actually have a new mani to show you! I did admit on Instagram a few days ago that I'd had the same polish on for over 2 weeks (post here). My massive haul of polishes was so overwhelming that I couldn't choose which one to use! I finally sat down and decided on finding something sparkly, and picked out Nine Zero Lacquer 'Twinkle Lights'. Read on to find out more!

Nine Zero Lacquer 'Twinkle Lights' @acertainbeccaa

For those who don't know, Nine Zero Lacquer is a new indie brand created by nail blogger JessFace90. I was so excited when I heard that Jess was bringing out her own polish line, and I have a lotttt of her polishes to show you in my upcoming U.S. indie haul. This is the first Nine Zero polish that I've actually worn, so let's see how it was!

'Twinkle Lights' is a silver linear holographic base full of slightly sheer coloured glitters. The formula on this was amazing. It had the perfect consistency and I couldn't feel the glitters at all. It did start off sheer but built up well. I took a quick picture of each coat to show you.

One Coat of 'Twinkle Lights' - @acertainbeccaa
Two Coats of 'Twinkle Lights' - @acertainbeccaa
Three Coat of 'Twinkle Lights' - @acertainbeccaa

After three coats I could still see my nail line if I looked closely. However, the amount of glitter on the nail covers it up enough to be considered opaque. The base dries down smaller than the glitters so I would recommend a topcoat to even out the surface and bring the two together. This will make it look like one cohesive polish instead of a glitter topper.

Nine Zero Lacquer 'Twinkle Lights' @acertainbeccaa
Nine Zero Lacquer 'Twinkle Lights' @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? I wasn't too sure until I added topcoat and then wow!  It really brought the polish to life. This will look amazing in the sun with all the holo in the silver base. You can find Twinkle Lights on Nine Zero Lacquer's website here.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x 

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