Thursday 21 January 2016

China Glaze 'Break The Ice' (Celebration Mani)

Hi lovelies! Today I have a nice quick post for you. I've been really loving Pretty Serious 'Snugglebutt' (post here) so much that I haven't wanted to take it off! Instead of forcing myself to remove it, I decided to add a fun glitter topper. I had my mind set on one of two polishes and ended up going for China Glaze 'Break The Ice' (featured in my U.S mainstream haul here). I also went for this as a cheeky celebration mani as I've reached 1000 followers on Instagram, yay! As always, read on to find out more!

China Glaze 'Break The Ice' @acertainbeccaa

I thought I'd add a quick photo of Pretty Serious 'Snugglebutt' on it's own as a quick reminder from my previous post. Shown is two coats and topcoat.

Pretty Serious 'Snugglebutt' @acertainbeccaa

China Glaze's 'Break The Ice' is shredded holographic silver glitter in a clear base. It is one of the only two polishes I picked up from the 2015 Holiday Collection, 'Cheers'. I was super impressed by how dense the glitter is! It also spreads itself out quite evenly without the need for too much dabbing or placement. I added one coat over my base.

China Glaze 'Break The Ice' @acertainbeccaa
China Glaze 'Break The Ice' @acertainbeccaa

How cool does that look? I don't think I've worn any other shredded glitters and I love the effect it gives. After a coat of topcoat I can still slightly feel the texture of the glitter so I would suggest two coats if that bothers you. However, the shreds do lay surprisingly flat. One of my pet peeves is glitter that sticks up off the nail. I can't help but pick at it until I ruin my mani - I'm glad that won't be the case!

The other polish I had in mind was OPI 'On Pinks and Needles'. Which one do you think you would have gone for? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x 

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  1. These are gorgeous hun :) congratulations again on hitting a 1000 x

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm really liking the combo :) x