Hi! I get asked a few questions frequently, so thought it would be a good idea to pop a frequently asked questions page here just incase it can help anyone out. If you have anymore questions, as always, feel free to ask! 

  • Are your nails natural?
Yep! My nails are completely natural. I'm not one for extensions or fake nails, and if one breaks I'll likely just file them all down. I did try the teabag repair once and wasn't a fan. I also did do a silk wrap or two a few years back but looking back they were very obvious and I haven't used one since!

  • How do you grow your nails/keep them strong?
This isn't always the answer people want to hear, but I'm lucky enough to have naturally strong nails. A few things I would recommend though: 
 - Keep your nails painted, even if it's just a basecoat. They don't need to 'breathe', and a majority of my breaks occur when my nails are naked.
 - Keep your nails moisturised. Cuticle oils/butters and handcreams help my nails to bend instead of snap when I catch them.
 - Your nails are 'jewels not tools'. I heard this a while back and love it! Don't use your nails to pry open cans or packages etc unecessarily as you're asking for a break.

  • What's your nail care routine? 
I try to use cuticle oils/butters and hand creams daily to keep my nails and skin moisturised. I do go through phases where I forget (a lot!), and I always notice the difference. I'm not picky when it comes to which products I use, as long as I use something!
I also find a hand scrub works really well at removing any dry skin that's built up, and keeping my nails and skin looking fresher. I tend to do this once a week, though again, I do tend to forget and leave it longer fairly often.
I file my nails about once a week. I use a crystal nail file as it not only files quicker, but I find it creates a lot less snags and is a much smoother process.
I do NOT touch my cuticles other than the above. I don't know if I'm lucky that they don't grow out of control, or if it's because I don't aggravate them. But I don't touch cuticle removers or do any kind of pushing/trimming/cutting. 

  • What topcoat do you use?
For years now, I've pretty much only used Seche Vite's quick dry topcoat. I buy the big refill bottles along with a bottle of Seche restore and it keeps me going for what feels like forever! I will occasionally test a new topcoat, or use one sent for review, but this will be mentioned in my posts. My favourite matte topcoat is from Barry M.

  • What basecoat do you use?
Honestly, I don't use basecoat. I've previously used both moisturising and strengthening bases, but I don't tend to keep a mani on long enough to warrant the extra step. I am quite lucky in that I don't often have staining - but it'll be my own fault if I do!

  • What lighting do you use for photos?
I have a single Ottlite daylight lamp which I use to take all of my photographs. My background is usually just my desk as it's a solid white IKEA tabletop.

  • What do you use to take your photos?
Just my phone! Currently an iPhone 6s as I find it easier and like the result!

  • How do you edit your photos? 
I rarely edit my photos any further than cropping and rotating. I will occasionally colour correct an image if a polish is showing up completely different to in person. I try to avoid doing so, and will always mention it if I have.

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