Monday 25 May 2020

Danglefoot Nail Polish - Fancy Feathers Collection (& Magnets)

*AD - Gifted*
Hello! Today I'm back to share Danglefoot Nail Polish's newest collection, releasing this Saturday! The Fancy Feathers collection consists of five full coverage sparkly metallics. If that isn't enough to get your interest, Hayley is also expanding her shop with a selection of resin items (dangle bangles anyone?!). I have a couple of magnets to show you. Read on to find out more and for my full Fancy Feathers swatches!

Danglefoot Nail Polish Fancy Feathers Collection @acertainbeccaa

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Nail Art Catch Up (Up to May 2020)

Hi! Last week I posted a swatch catch up post, and that seemed to go down quite well. As promised, today I'm back with a similar catch up post for all of my nail art. Again, none of these looks have previously been featured here on my blog, but have all been posted on Instagram over the last few months. Read on for a closer look at each mani and more info!

Nail Art Catch Up (Up to May 2020) @acertainbeccaa

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Swatch Catch Up (Up to May 2020)

Hello! Today I'm back to catch you up on some of the polishes I've swatched recently, but not yet posted on here. All swatches included have already been posted on Instagram. Going forward, this is likely to be a monthly post - but for now, this is a big catch up with every polish up until the start of May. This is a bit of a long one, so read on and get stuck in!

Swatch Catch Up (Up to May 2020) @acertainbeccaa

Thursday 7 May 2020

Barry M Pastel Gellies

*AD - Gifted*
Hi, I'm back! As I briefly mentioned towards the end of my last post, I am not going to revert back to my previous blog schedule. Instead, I'm going to stick to posting when I have relevant content such as - collection reviews, any PR, occasional themed posts, and monthly swatch and nail art catch ups.

To kick me off, I have long overdue swatches of four Barry M pastel gellies released a few months ago. These were posted a while ago on my Instagram so if you follow me there, you may have already seen them. Read on for my full swatches and more info!

Barry M Pastel Gellies @acertainbeccaa