Thursday 31 March 2022

Glam Nails Challenge - March 2022

Hello lovelies! As some of you may know, I decided to take part in this months Glam Nails Challenge. For those unfamiliar, Glam Nails Challenge is a monthly nail art challenge over on Instagram, with themes for every Wednesday and Sunday. I have taken part several times in the past, but not for quite some time - so I fancied giving it a go again! The challenge finished yesterday, so I figured I'd jump on here for a round up. Read on to see all my manis in full.

Glam Nails Challenge - March 2022 @acertainbeccaa

Thursday 17 March 2022

Cotton Bag Co. - The Selfie Bag

*AD - Gifted*
Hello lovelies! Today I have something a bit different for you. I was recently contacted and asked if The Selfie Bag by Cotton Bag Co. would be something I was interested in. The Selfie Bag is a fun printed canvas bag with a handy little photo kit inside. While this is geared mainly towards taking selfies (which I'm not one for if I'm honest), it is perfect for photographs in general. I have been thinking a bit lately about how to improve my nail photography, so it was definitely something I was interested in having a play with. Read on to see the full contents of The Selfie Bag, and some of my thoughts!

Cotton Bag Co. - The Selfie Bag @acertainbeccaa

Monday 7 March 2022

Nail Art Catch Up - February 2022

Hi lovelies! Today I'm back with my catch up post for the nail art I posted in February. If you missed my February swatch catch up post, you can read that here. While I did a fair bit of nail art over the last month, a lot of it has already been shared in my Valentines post (if you missed that, you can find it here), so I only have four manis to show you. Let's get stuck in!

Nail Art Catch Up - February 2022 @acertainbeccaa

Friday 4 March 2022

Swatch Catch Up - February 2022

Contains *AD - Gifted*
Hi lovelies! Today I have my February swatch catch up post for you, sharing all of those polishes I swatched and posted on Instagram last month, but have yet to share on here. Whereas last month I only had three swatches to show you (see that post here), today I have seven - most of which are crellies! Read on for my full swatches and more info.

Swatch Catch Up - February 2022 @acertainbeccaa