Monday 4 January 2016

Rampart Nails (Guest Post)

Hello lovelies! Today I have one last guest post for you. Timea (@rampartnails over on Instagram) has shared some of the thought process behind deciding to start her own nail blog. If you are considering starting a blog or have lost your blogging mojo, this will be the perfect post for you! Read on to see what Timea has to say.

Hi guys, my name is Timea, and I'm behind “rampartnails”. I very bravely took the opportunity to guest blog for the lovely Becca, while she is on vacation (I hope you have a wonderful time sweet!) While I'm working on starting my own blog, I would like to share a few thoughts with you, I hope you like it!

To do or not to do? That is my question...

In our world nowadays it seems, that whatever you are looking for, whatever your question is, there is one endless place what can give you all the answers. This is the internet.

I do remember of times without computers (yes, age issues), and it was fun! But if I look at it today... WOW, it's completely different! For example, just imagine, you like candy, and there is a new store opening in the city. You go in, and after a few steps, you are in shock! Wherever you look are sweets, bonbons, chocolate... you name it. To go through all the variety would be overwhelming, so let's narrow it down a bit.

I am a self confessed nail polish addict. I wake up thinking about them, I talk about them all the time, I collect them and they are pretty much a big part of my life. I love everything about them, the smell, the bottles, the designs, the glam, all the methods which give you unique finishes and the colours (OMG, the colours!!!) I thought there is no way, that there are other crazy people like me out there. Well, this changed completely, when I started to look for some nail art designs on the internet...

Holy polish! I've been sucked in to this bottomless swirl of pictures, videos, swatches and blogs. It feels like a constant euphoria, which not only never stops, but adds onto it every single day... If there is an addiction I never want to quit, than this is it!

After a while in this beautiful and colourful chaos of gazillions of informations, I saw a pattern rising up. I did find my favorite swatcher, I follow the person, who makes the best pictures and macros of all kind of nail polish, and of course, I did find my favorite bloggers. I would like to mention it here, that I impatiently wait for the newest posts, clips, or pictures. If you feel at this point, that this might describe how you feel, don't panic! That's normal! It just shows that you are officially addicted to something amazing!

I have to admit, I was reading endless pages of descriptions, opinions, watched hours of swatches and hauls. I never got bored of it... And then, one day this weird thought root in my mind, and it is still growing.

"Shall I be a blogger?" Well, if you ask yourself once, you are lost... It might be, "Yes, let's do this!", and there you start. Or, you can find yourself in this wide ocean of hesitation (as I did). As you paddle, all the questions of hesitation bombard your boat like waves:

"I don't know how to start...!", "Why shall I do it, there are so many of them...", "Will someone read it at all?", "What if people don't like my style?", "Can I show them something new, something unique?", "What if I don't have time to write, will I have negative comments?" And this is going on and on and on... Arrrgggggg.....

My answer is: YES! What can you loose? But this is not really the question. What can you gain? You might find a side of yourself what you never knew about!

Yes, you may have another moment of "Am I sure about this?" but just do it! The beautiful thing in human nature is, that we are all individuals, with one common thing: curiosity. That little feeling drives us forward, gives us motivation and strength. With that, people will find your words! They might find it "Mahh...", but they also might find it very useful, interesting and enjoyable!

Don't forget: we are all different! And different people will look for different styles, different descriptions and different designs. There will be always space for another opinion! For your own and unique opinion! Nearly forgot to mention all the wonderful people who you can meet during your journey! 
Before you run off to look for possibilities of how to create a blog, just remind yourself, that if you don't share your thoughts with other people, they might not find the hidden gem inside you! The more you share, the more will other people and You discover!

The outcome might be the most wonderful feeling you ever experienced! 

Thank you to Timea for this very inspiring post! Make sure you check out her Instagram @rampartnails for some gorgeous nail art and polish swatches. She's also just started a new blog here. I'm posting this as I leave for my long journey home. I wasn't quite ready to end my holiday but I am excited to share my massive U.S. polish haul with you all!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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  1. Hope you have a safe journey home hun. This was a fab post timea going to go follow your blog now x