Tuesday 24 November 2015

She Sells Seashells Mega Christmas Mystery Box

Hello lovelies. I have an exciting post for you today. She Sells Seashells have released another seasonal goody box, this time for Christmas. I really loved the Halloween (post here), so there was no way I wasn't getting my hands on one! There are two options, the Christmas Mystery Box and the Mega Christmas Mystery box. The mega box has three extra items and is the box I have to show you today. Read on to see everything inside!

She Sells Seashells Mega Christmas Mystery Box @acertainbeccaa

Before opening my box I could hear a sleigh bell like sound which got me super excited. This was caused by a scattering of teeny tiny bells inside. I peeked under the festive tissue paper to find a bag of nail art goodies along with a full size candy cane (yum!) and an adorable felt envelope filled with chocolate coins. 

Here's what was in the nail art goody bag. Again I was shocked by how much was packed in there. I'll give a quick description of each item below.

She Sells Seashells Mega Christmas Mystery Box @acertainbeccaa

There are a lot of vinyls so I'll start with those. The following 11 designs were included: Christmas lights, Ho Ho Ho lettering, two different types of Christmas trees (squiggly and made of hearts), two snowflake designs, stag heads, holly leaves, icicles, and two variations of a girl decorating a tree. I love them all and really can't decide which ones I'll be trying first! If I had to pick a favourite it would be the deer/stag heads. They could easily be used as reindeers during Christmas and stags for the rest of the year.

She Sells Seashells Christmas Vinyls @acertainbeccaa
She Sells Seashells Christmas Light Vinyls @acertainbeccaa

There are three sheets of stickers/decals: sparkly black 3D reindeers and snowflakes,  a fair-isle patterned sheet with reindeers, and santa with snowmen and some sort of blossom trees.

Christmas Nail Art Stickers/Decals @acertainbeccaa

Next up are were two bags of silver and gold metal embellishments, one full of baubles and the other full of stockings. These were alongside my absolute favourite item in the box - two sparkly reindeer head charms.

She Sells Seashells Christmas Charms @acertainbeccaa

Last is hehe 060 stamping plate, a fair-isle Christmas jumper pattern. The 'Merry Christmas' wording in the middle should fit nicely across my thumb nails. It would look great with different parts of the pattern on each nail

Hehe 060 Christmas Stamping Plate @acertainbeccaa

These are surprisingly still available over at the She Sells Seashells website - normal box for £10 here and mega box for £13.75 here. Two lucky boxes of each will also have a £5 She Sells Seashells voucher inside. The Halloween ones sold out super fast so I doubt there's many left. Be quick if you want one!

I wasn't quite feeling festive until I opened this. Now I'm super excited for Christmas and can't wait to get doing some festive nail designs. How about you? Is it too early to be getting excited?

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x 
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  1. Great post Hun :) thanks again for grabbing me one :) x

    1. Thank you lovely, can't wait to see what we both come up with! & you're very welcome :) x

  2. Ohhh where's a picture of the candy cane and bells??

  3. Compared to the other nail box subscription you get, I must say this company have made the most effort in making a Xmas theme box!

    Good on them! Hope they keep the great work up,, you too Becca!!

    1. I definitely loved this! The halloween one was amazing aswell. Think Easter will be the next, fingers crossed! x