Thursday 12 November 2015

Opulent Essences - Hand & Nail Exfoliant Scrub

Hi lovelies! The lovely Sharon and Zoe over at Opulent Essences kindly sent me a sample of their hand and nail exfoliant scrub to review. I'm always looking for new things to add into my nail care routine so I was super excited! As I don't use cuticle eliminators, I find a scrub really useful at getting rid of any dry skin on my hands. Read on to find out more!

Opulent Essences Hand & Nail Exfoliant Scrub @acertainbeccaa
Opulent Essences Hand & Nail Exfoliant Scrub @acertainbeccaa

The scrub is described as "a blend of fine and coarse pumice stone in a rich emollient base" and is available in either Honeysuckle or Baby Powder scents. I received baby powder. Initially I wasn't a fan as I found the fragrance a bit strong and overpowering. However, after actually using the scrub (applying, scrubbing, rinsing etc) I changed my mind! It tones down nicely and I found myself smelling my hands for hours afterwards.

Moving on from the scent, the scrub itself was amazing. My hands were left so smooth and soft. I could feel the pumice stone exfoliating my skin - yet very gently, with no roughness whatsoever. I have a stubborn dry and tough patch of skin on one of my fingers (from holding pens/squashing tea bags etc) and it was almost completely gone after just one use! Look at how good the skin around my nails looks!

Opulent Essences Hand & Nail Exfoliant Scrub @acertainbeccaa

I would definitely recommend picking up one of these exfoliant scrubs here. I haven't even managed to make a dent in my sample - a little goes a very long way - and the full size tubs are only £4! I can see mine being a staple throughout the coming winter months to keep my hands in good shape. If it isn't your thing Opulent Essences also sell lots of gorgeous polishes, so still head over and check them out. I am yet to try one myself but I definitely have a couple on my wish list!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x
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  1. Great post Hun I totally agree with you this stuff is amazing :) I must buy the new baked apple scent when I have the pennies x

    1. Thank you! It really is! I really like the idea of baked apple too, might have to grab myself a pot! x