Friday 20 November 2015

Movember Nails! (Picture Polish 'Peaches n' Cream')

Hello! Today I finally have the nail art I was planning when I put on Nails Inc 'Uptown' (post here). I wanted to do some simple moustache nails for Movember (or 'No Shave November') but it wasn't really the base colour I was after. I started again with a new base and ended up loving it. Read on for more info!

Movember Moustache Nails @acertainbeccaa

I started with Picture Polish 'Peaches n' Cream'. The formula was super smooth and easy to apply yet fairly streaky due to being a pastel colour. I was a bit heavy handed on my first coat and ended up needing three to cover any patchiness. I got carried away and added a fourth (I think I was just enjoying myself?!) but it was completely unnecessary. I'm also impressed that even with four coats it wasn't thick at all!

Picture Polish 'Peaches n' Cream' @acertainbeccaa

Apologies for the slightly dodgy swatch photo. I painted my nails and then left them for three days before photographing so they were dulled, dented and had general wear and tear. I did add a fresh coat of topcoat for my photo but managed to smudge that (and get hairs stuck in it!) too.

For my moustaches I used water decals. This is the first time I've used decals so wasn't sure how well it would go. I did as the pack said: cut and place into warm water, position on the nail, pat dry, and then topcoat. It was super easy to slide the decals once on the nail so I could get them straight and centered.

Moustache Decals over 'Peaches n' Cream' @acertainbeccaa

The super cute tuxedo on my accent nail was stamped using Moyou London Festive plate 05 and my rectangular marshmallow stamper. I don't have an official black stamping polish so I tried True Brit London's 'Taxi Cab', and it worked! Although it wasn't 100% opaque I still like how it came out.

Movember Moustache Nails @acertainbeccaa
Movember Moustache Nails @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Do you prefer them with or without the tuxedo? I like both ways! Remember that Movember takes place to raise awareness for cancers, such as prostate cancer. You can check out the official Movember site here.

Movember Moustache Nails @acertainbeccaa

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x   


  1. Great post Hun :) loving the Movember nails especially with the tuxedo. Looks very snazzy x

    1. Thanks lovely :) I've been waiting for an excuse to use the tuxedo stamp for months! x