Saturday 28 November 2015

November MeeBox - Taupe To Mee

Hello lovelies! Today I have the November MeeBox to show you. This months theme was 'Taupe To Mee'. I have to admit I wasn't 100% sure what colour taupe actually was, although a browny beige tone came to mind. After a quick google it wasn't much clearer! I'm not really a fan of nudes or browns so was hoping some dusty lilacs or pale yellows would creep in. Let's have a look! Read on for more info and some quick swatches.

November Meebox - Taupe to Mee @acertainbeccaa

This month we were treated to three nail polishes and two treatments/extras. As always, I will start with the polishes first.

November Meebox 'Taupe To Mee' polishes @acertainbeccaa

In all honesty, when I first opened my box all I saw was brown. As mentioned before I'm not a fan of browns so I wasn't massively excited. This was a shame as all three polish brands are new to me and are ones I've wanted to try. They all looked fairly similar to me at first, but after swatching this definitely wasn't the case. I liked them all much better when considering them separately. 

First up is NCLA 'Volume V' from their nudes collection. This is sort of a mix between a pale brown and a grey. I managed to get this opaque on my swatch stick in just one coat! It also dried a nice satiny finish. Is it weird to say it reminds me of those waxy satin grey work trousers? I quite liked the finish so I didn't add topcoat.

NCLA Nudes 'Volume V' @acertainbeccaa

Next is Color Club 'Positively Posh'. I originally thought this was a deep chocolatey brown but after swatching I can definitely see slight grey tones in it. It is still the darkest and most brown of the three. I think I might use this as a reindeer colour in some Christmas nail art. The swatch shown is two coats and no topcoat.

Color Club 'Positively Posh' @acertainbeccaa

Last is Nubar 'Spark Prizm'. This is the lightest (most grey?) of the three, and is holographic! Yay! It applies quite sheer on the first coat although not patchy - I think you could use it as a slightly tinting holographic topper. It did build up quickly, my swatch is three coats without topcoat.

Nubar 'Spark Prizm' @acertainbeccaa

I realise I've described each polish as a grey-toned brown - maybe thats what taupe is?! I feel like I've learnt something from this post, thank you Meebox!

The first treatment/extra this month was Dr's Remedy 'Hydrating Treatment'. It claims to be both hydrating and strengthening which I love the sound of. Meebox actually let it slip that this was in the box a few weeks before dispatch day. I was really excited to try it out, and I still am! I'm actually planning on using it after this post so you'll probably hear about it soon.

Dr's Remedy Hydrating Treatment @acertainbeccaa

We also received Cuccio quick dry drops. I've mentioned before that I've never used quick drying drops, even though I have both Models Own and Nicole by OPI ones. Fast drying topcoats seem to negate the need for these, although I'm sure I'll play with them eventually! It's nice to have a couple of brands to try for when the feeling strikes me.

Cuccio Quick Dry Drops @acertainbeccaa

There we have it! I was a bit unsure when I first heard about the taupe theme, and still unsure after actually receiving my box. I will probably still use the polishes at some point though - and will definitely be using the Dr's Remedy treatment. This would have been an amazing box if I was a fan of browns, greys, and beiges.

What do you think? Are you a fan of taupe? I'd love to know!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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  1. Great post hun :) loving the reindeer idea I will definitely be using one of these for that too x

  2. Yeh have to agree with you, not the most amazing of colours, I do like Browns, but the dark one is very dark, and the two light ones, I think would only look good of certain colour skins, mine not being one of them,, so yeh, not a fan of this months box either,,
    Let me know how the nail treatments go,
    As for nail treatments for me, I've found rather then buying all these different brand strengtheners etc, I just wear clothes when washing up and cleaning, and I think it would work for most people :-p

    1. Yeah I'm not sure they'd suit me too well either! I'd definitely go for a good base coat over a pair of gloves lol! Although going for both would be better. I tend to break my nails much easier without base coats and strengtheners x