Wednesday 18 November 2015

Rainbow Connection Haul (Glam Polish & ILNP)

Hello lovelies! I recently placed my first order (yay!) with Rainbow Connection and it's far too pretty and exciting not to show you all! I haven't worn any of these gorgeous polishes yet but they will definitely be popping up soon, either individually as I wear them or as a collective swatch post. Read on for more pictures and for names/details of each polish!
Rainbow Connection Indie Polish Haul @acertainbeccaa

For those of you who don't know, Rainbow Connection is a UK stockist for indie nail polish brands. All of the brands they stock are cruelty-free and most are 3-free. I'm glad I finally took the plunge and treated myself to some goodies!

First up is ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) 'Pretty Little Liar'. I'm not ashamed to admit that I bought these one because of the TV show Pretty Little Liars. It does of course help that it's a beautiful deep berry colour, and a holographic! I only have one other ILNP and it's quite old, so it's nice to try something more recent.

ILNP 'Pretty Little Liar' @acertainbeccaa

Glam Polish is a new brand to me. I also bought these because of their connection to a TV show. They recently released a whole collection dedicated to Dexter called 'Darkly Dreaming'. I absolutely love Dexter - I've actually just started watching again from season one - so I couldn't pass these up. I did restrict myself a tiny bit and only bought 6 of the 9 polishes. I am in love with the names of these, they definitely scream Dexter.

I have split these into two groups. Here are the reds/purples - 'Road Kill', 'Trinity', 'Scar Tissue', and 'Dex, Lies, & Videotape':

Glam Polish 'Darkly Dreaming' Reds & Purples @acertainbeccaa
Glam Polish 'Darkly Dreaming' Reds & Purples @acertainbeccaa

My camera freaked out at the holo in these and made them all look a bit more similar than they actually are. 'Road Kill' is a brick orange/red, 'Trinity' a true red, 'Scar Tissue' a magenta, and 'Dex, Lies, & Videotape' a red-toned berry purple.

Here are the greens/blues - 'It's Alive' and 'Homicidal Tendencies':

Glam Polish 'It's Alive' & 'Homicidal Tendencies' @acertainbeccaa
Glam Polish 'It's Alive' & 'Homicidal Tendencies' @acertainbeccaa

As mentioned I only got 6 out of the 9 from the collection. The other three ('Doomsday', 'Remember the Monsters?', and 'Truth be Told') were all blues, and as I'm not a massive fan of darker blue polishes I left them out. I made sure to pick up 'Homicidal Tendencies' so that I had at least one blue shade.

I can't wait to swatch all of these! I believe they are all still available over at Rainbow Connection here. UK shipping is only £1 when you spend £20 or more - bargain!
Now that I've ordered once, I keep finding new polishes to add my wish list and already want to place another order. I have my eye on Glam Polish 'Frankenslime' and some of the Pretty Serious Cosmetics polishes that have just been added. Are there any you'd recommend or that are on your own wishlist? I'd love to know!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. Ohhh I do like these. Really looking forward to the swatches. As long older nail polisher. I've used reds and purples for the last 30 years, and I have to say that I've moved over to the blues and greens,, I'm loving them at the moment,, but still use the Reds/purples, occasionally so will look at this collection for both, great post Becca

    1. I don't mind the lighter/bright blues and greens, but just not a massive fan of the darker ones! I like them in the bottle but not on my nails x