Saturday 31 October 2015

Recap of Halloween 2015 Designs

Hello again! I wouldn't normally post twice in one day but as it's Halloween I had to make an exception. I wanted to show you my nails for the day (see my previous post here) but also wanted to do a quick recap of all the fun and spooky designs I've done throughout the month. Read on for full pictures and links to the main blog post for each design.

Halloween 2015 Nail Designs & Manicures @acertainbeccaa (A Certain Becca Nails)

I used China Glaze in 7 out of the 9 mani's in the collage above, completely unintentionally! I guess China Glaze has been my favourite brand of the month! 

I also accidentally (sort of) managed to use four out of the five polishes from China Glazes 'Apocalypse of Colour' collection from Halloween 2014. I don't actually have the fifth polish - if I did I probably would have used it too! I'll start with designs/swatches using that collection:

China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' & Slight Nail Fail with 'But of Corpse' - post here

China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' @acertainbeccaa
China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' & 'But Of Corpse' @acertainbeccaa

 China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' - post here

China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' @acertainbeccaa

 R.I.P Nails (China Glaze 'Don't Let The Dead Bite) - post here

China Glaze 'Don't Let The Dead Bite' @acertainbeccaa
Halloween R.I.P Nails @acertainbeccaa

The rest of my designs don't feature specific Halloween polishes or have any sort of theme (except Halloween of course) so I will just list them in the order that I did them:

Dripping Slime Monster - post here

Dripping Slime Monster Mani @acertainbeccaa

Pink Ombre Gradient with Cute Skeletons - post here

Skeletons over Pink Ombre Gradient @acertainbeccaa

Halloween Splatter - post here

Halloween Splatter Nails @acertainbeccaa

 Ghosts - post here

Halloween Ghosts @acertainbeccaa

Candy Corn Gradient - post here

Halloween Candy Corn Gradient @acertainbeccaa

I added glitter to my candy corn gradient using China Glaze 'Fairy Dust'. This was after a few days so is not in the original blog post.

Halloween Candy Corn Gradient & Fairy Dust @acertainbeccaa

So there we have it! All of the Halloween manicures I've worn throughout the month of October. I can't decide if my favourite are the R.I.P nails from today or my candy corn gradient. The candy corn gradient was definitely the most fun to do! What's your favourite?

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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