Saturday 10 October 2015

Love Me Beauty Unboxing - Lottie London Polishes

Hello lovelies! Today I am unboxing my first Love Me Beauty box. I'm not normally interested in beauty boxes as I don't wear make-up. But Love Me Beauty differs from normal subscription boxes - they let you choose your own items. After checking out their boutique and finding nail polish, I was convinced. Read on to find out more and see what items I chose!

Love Me Beauty Subscription Box @acertainbeccaa

For those who don't know, each month you are given 60 credits (so far I've only seen items at either 10 or 20 credits). Here's how I spent mine:
  • Nuxe 'Creme Prodigieuse' Face Cream (15ml) - 10 credits
  • Monu Hydrating Moisuriser (25ml) - 10 credits
  • Lottie London Polishes (12ml) - 10 credits each 

Love Me Beauty October Box @acertainbeccaa

When I first looked the Lottie London polishes were 20 credits each. After watching the boutique for a few weeks they were reduced to 10 credits - making me cave in and finally activate my subscription. I chose all four available colours, and added the face cream and moisturiser to use up my last credits.

Love Me Beauty - Lottie London Polishes @acertainbeccaa

From left to right the polishes are: 'Bring Me Joy', 'Forever Young', 'Prom Night' and 'Icon-oholic'. I swatched all four together (in the same order) to compare the colours. All except 'Bring Me Joy' were so close to being opaque in two coats but I felt like I needed a third. 'Bring Me Joy' starts off super sheer and milky, and is shown below in four coats. All colours are shown with topcoat.

Lottie London Polish Comparison @acertainbeccaa
Lottie London Polish Comparison @acertainbeccaa
Lottie London Polish Comparison @acertainbeccaa

My favourite of the four has to be 'Forever Young'. I can't say no to a good pink. 'Prom Night' and 'Icon-oholic' are surprisingly similar on the nail. You can easily tell the difference in good lighting, but not so much in dimmer lighting.

Lottie London polishes are available to buy for £5.99 each at Superdrug here. I paid £14 plus £5 p&p for a 3-month subscription. I've already made my money back with just the polishes in this months box! All of the items I received are still available to order with Love Me Beauty here. You do have to sign up to view the boutique, but are not obliged to subscribe or make an order. 

What do you think? Have you tried Lottie London polishes before? What about Love Me Beauty? I'd love to know.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. Loving these polishes there such pretty colours :) your making me want to subscribe lol but I must stick to my no buy :( great post Hun x

    1. I do love that you can make it another nailbox each month :') no don't do it I need you to set a good example lol! x

  2. I have a voucher code for a months subscription, it's £5,, instead of the normal £14.95
    Voucher code is "OCTOBERS"
    I think they still have all four polishes in, so go grab,
    So £5 plus P&P

    I have theses colours and they are great!
    I got away with two coats, but my nails are not as long as beccas, so that's maybe why, I have not tried the creamy/white one yet though