Wednesday 21 October 2015

China Glaze - Getting To Gnaw You

Hi, sorry it's been a while! I was away in Leeds for the weekend and came back ill. I haven't even wanted to do my nails (horrifying, I know!). I finally sat down to do them yesterday. I dug out the China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour collection (Halloween 2014) and opted for a simple swatch of 'Getting To Gnaw You'. As always, read on for more info!
China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' @acertainbeccaa

'Getting To Gnaw You' is a black jelly base full of micro glitter. I couldn't work out if the glitter was copper or orange, so I'm going to settle for a coppery orange! I did find it to be slightly thick due to the glitter but it wasn't hard to work with. It was slightly patchy on the first coat but evened out on the second. I used two coats and topcoat.

China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' @acertainbeccaa
China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' @acertainbeccaa

Due to the amount of glitter in the polish this did dry down fairly textured. If you're not a fan of the texture, topcoat will smooth it out. I love the texture but normally end up top coating anyway for extra shine and wear time - however I have found that textured polishes don't seem to chip anywhere near as quickly as others! 

My photos don't do this polish any justice. The glitter is much brighter and more vibrant in person. This is a beautiful polish and is perfect for Halloween. I feel like it would be really good as soil in a zombie/graveyard design. I really like it! What do you think?

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. Awesome post Hun, I love this polish very Halloweeny vibe to it x

    1. Thank you lovely, definitely a very Halloween-y polish! x