Sunday, 25 October 2015

China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' (& 'But Of Corpse' Nail Fail)

Hello lovelies! I really liked my simple mani using China Glaze 'Getting To Gnaw You' (post here), so decided to try out more polishes from the Apocalypse of Colour Halloween collection. Today I have the two textures from the 2014 collection to show you - 'I Love Your Guts' and 'But Of Corpse'. Read on to see more!

China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' & 'But Of Corpse' @acertainbeccaa

'I Love Your Guts' is a metallic pinky red base full of black micro glitters. I think it also has a subtle silver shimmer. The formula was a bit thick (due to the texture), and it dried super fast - so fast that if I wasn't quick in applying, it did get a bit 'gummy' and pull/drag. Without this issue I think you may have been able to get it opaque in one coat. I needed two just to even out a few patchy areas. Below is two coats without topcoat.
China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' @acertainbeccaa

I left mine without topcoat as I love the effect of a texture polish. It also dried matte which I really liked. If you're not a fan of either textures (or matte finishes), a glossy topcoat will smooth everything out.

'But Of Corpse' is a very similar polish, but instead has a metallic green base. The formula of the two are pretty much identical, and dry down to the same textured matte finish. Instead of wearing 'But Of Corpse' on it's own I did some simple striped nail art over 'I Love Your Guts'. I initally went do this with striping tape but it didn't want to stay stuck down. I ended up using @Teismom straight nail vinyls (website here).

These stuck much better but still peeled up a bit. I've never had this problem before - I think it's entirely my own fault for leaving the base textured! I then added a thick coat of 'But Of Corpse' before removing the vinyls. Again, I didn't add topcoat as I like the textured finish.

China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' & 'But Of Corpse' Nail Fail @acertainbecca
China Glaze 'I Love Your Guts' & 'But Of Corpse' Nail Fail @acertainbecca

I'm not a fan of the outcome and definitely consider this a nail fail! I was hoping I could pull it off as a sort of cracked zombie skin look, but it's not going to happen! The textured finish makes it look messy and I think the polishes are too similar - the black glitters sort of mush the colours together. It just looks wrong to me. It also weirdly reminds me of Christmas and Christmas trees.

Have you ever tried nail vinyls or striping tape over a textured polish?  Does this give you that Christmas feeling or is it just me? I'd love to know what you think!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't like it much in person, but its slowly growing at me the more I look at the pictures. Woops! x

  2. Awesome post Hun and yes this totally reminds me of a Christmas tree lol x

    1. I think that was my problem, as soon as I thought of Christmas they had to go haha! X