Wednesday 23 September 2015

September Nail Box - Creepy Colours

It's my favourite day of the month again - nailbox day! If you haven't heard of nailbox yet, head over to my August post here for more details and pricing information. Septembers box's theme is 'creepy colours', containing three Halloween inspired colours "sure to combine great for a ghoulish glow". I hadn't even heard of two of this months brands before - read on to find out more!
September Nailbox - Creepy Colours @acertainbeccaa
September Nailbox 'Creepy Colours' Polishes
I thought I'd start with the two brands that are new to me. The first one that caught my eye was a chunky bottle from True Brit London called 'Taxi Cab'. Black polishes scream Halloween and spooky mani's, as well as being a year round staple in any polish collection. 

True Brit London 'Taxi Cab'
I popped over to the True Brit London website (here) and all of their polishes and collections stick to the British theme. I love it! Their branding has won me over before I've even swatched my first polish!

The other brand new to me is Sinful. I did think of Sinful Colours - but as far as I'm aware they are completely separate brands. We were treated to the rich shimmery purple Pro Shine shade 'Show Off' which is again perfect for Halloween. It makes me think of witches and cauldrons. 

Sinful Pro Shine 'Show Off'
The third and final polish is Nails Inc 'Queen Victoria Street'. I wouldn't necessarily consider this a Halloween colour. I tend to think of dark, slimy looking greens and bright neons. It is a pretty colour nonetheless, and I'm sure it would work great in a Halloween themed design!

Nails Inc 'Queen Victoria Street'
As a nail treatment, we received another elegant touch item - this time their 'Toughflex Base Coat' (04). It is a fast dry base coat, which I've never come across before. It claims to promote healthy, strong growth and protect the nail from any discolouration and yellowing. I've been looking at getting a new base coat, so I'm excited to try this out! 

Elegant Touch 'Toughflex Base Coat' (04)
The fifth and final item is a set of nail art brushes including detail brushes, striping brushes, a fan brush and a small dotting tool. These are essential to any nail art kit and will be handy for perfecting any designs.

Nail Art Brush Set
I did have my hopes up for a Halloween themed nail art item - maybe some vinyls/stickers or a stamping plate. With that being said, I still loved this months box! I'm super excited about being introduced to the brands True Brit London and Sinful. I'll update you with swatches and reviews when I try them out. I did tell myself I wouldn't do any Halloween nail designs until October, but you never know!

See you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. I have to say, that being a Halloween box I would have thought it would have been more Halloween inspired, like you say, maybe a few nail art stickers, or a glow in the dark orange or green, it's a great box, don't get me wrong, but it's not screaming Halloween, expecially as the brushes could have gone in any months box, maybe next year it even the Xmas box, they might be more inspired to add some stickers or plates relating to the themes,

    But must give nail box credit, they always give you great value for the little monthly subscription you pay,

    1. Yep I feel like it was a bit too hyped as a Halloween box! Even though the colours do fit the theme it just needed a little extra to pull it all together. I agree about the brushes, they could be added into any box or theme.
      The boxes are worth their value so many times over. The True Brit Nails polish alone is £12.50 and I only pay £13.50 a box! x