Thursday 17 September 2015

OPI 'Amazon Amazoff' & 'Live. Love. Carnaval' ( Review)

I can officially say that this is a press sample! The lovely people over at sent me two full size polishes to review. They even let me choose my own polishes. I chose two OPI's - 'Live. Love. Carnaval' and 'Amazon Amazoff' which dispatched on Monday and arrived Tuesday morning - less than 24 hours later! Read on for more details and swatches!

OPI 'Live. Love. Carnaval' & 'Amazon Amazoff'

I had been eyeing 'Amazon Amazoff' for a while. I'm not normally a fan of darker greens and blues, but it looked like such a unique colour and is autumn/winter appropriate. I decided to finally take the plunge and try it. It had a smooth formula, and dried quickly and shiny. The first coat was close to being opaque, but a second deepens the colour and evens out any patchiness. I used two coats and topcoat.
OPI 'Amazon Amazoff' @acertainbeccaa
It seems to lean more green on me, compared to other swatches which look more teal. This would be a perfect Christmassy green! It is dark but I don't think you could ever confuse it for black. 
OPI 'Amazon Amazoff' @acertainbeccaa
I wore this for 24 hours to see if it stained. It did. My nails were slightly tinted even after basecoat, so I recommend two coats. The pigment also smeared everywhere during removal, leaving me with greeny/blue fingers (on Instagram here). This did come off after several washes and acetone remover. Be careful smearing upon removal.

'Live. Love. Carnaval', described by OPI as a 'vibrant and festive coral', is stunning. I love bright colours and again it looked unique - I had to have it! It has a great formula and dries shiny, but is slightly streaky on the first coat. A second coat evens this out - if you're not careful, you may need a third. Shown below is two coats and topcoat.

OPI 'Live. Love. Carnaval' @acertainbeccaa
OPI 'Live. Love. Carnaval' @acertainbeccaa
Isn't it gorgeous?! I did have slight problems getting a colour accurate picture. In darker lighting it leans more orange:
OPI 'Live. Love Carnaval' Dark Lighting @acertainbeccaa
And in bright lighting it looks more pink. Check it out with flash! 

OPI 'Live. Love. Carnaval' with Flash @acertainbeccaa
I've never noticed this with a creme polish before. I love how it changes in different lighting.

Lastly, I wanted to add some information about the site itself ( They claim to have over 1,000 nail polish colours in stock. They offer many different popular brands, some shown on the leaflet included in their parcels:

 They offer free 1st class UK delivery when you spend just £15! Other websites I have ordered from have a much higher limit, and only offer free second class delivery. They also give you a 10% voucher code for your next order. If like me you are a subscriber to their sister site (August's box reviewed here) you can get 15% off all orders. 

Both polishes I have shown you today are currently on clearance for £6.50 each - find 'Amazon Amazoff' here and 'Live. Love. Carnaval' here.

Let me know what you think and if you're going to place an order!
Becca x


  1. I have to say I'm a big fan of the green/blue polishes and this one looks like it would make a great addition, I've also found that most green/polishes leave your finger tips coloured, so must be something to do with the pigments, but easy enough to get off with polish remover and leaving no colour behind,
    Great review sweetie

    1. Thank you! I'm not normally a fan of them myself but I really like Amazon Amazoff! I would say to double up on your basecoat just to avoid stained nails.