Saturday 12 September 2015

#bluemanisforalopeciaawareness - Blue Pond Mani

Today Glam Polish are holding an event for alopecia awareness. They are asking those to take part to post blue manis with the hashtag #bluemanisforalopeciaawareness. I decided to show my support with my first ever pond mani. More info including polishes used and a quick tutorial after the jump!

#bluemanisforalopeciaawareness @acertainbeccaa
I knew I wanted to take part in Glam Polish's event, and wanted to contribute something creative. I'd seen other peoples pond mani's popping up but never attempted to do one myself - when better to try then now? I used the following:

Pond Mani Essentials @acertainbeccaa
 To do your own pond mani, you will need:
  • A base and topcoat (Ciate London 'One Coat A Day' and Seche Vite fast dry topcoat)
  • A sheer polish or a tint (China Glaze 'Isle See You Later')
  • A white polish (China Glaze 'White on White')
  • A dotting tool 
Pond mani's consist of several repeated layers: one coat of a sheer polish followed by several white dots (or flowers/hearts etc). The idea is that each additional coat of polish darkens the previous dots, giving a 3D effect. I decided to do four layers, and have  taken pictures of each 'layer' to show you all.

Layer 1 - Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa

Layer 2 - Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa
Layer 3 - Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa
Layer 4 - Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa
Each layer built up nicely, leading to a fully opaque design. With the amount of layers I added I expected the polish to end up super thick. However as I used a super thin and sheer polish, it wasn't thick at all. It did take a long time though! I had to patiently wait for each step to dry so that none of the dots would smudge. If you were in a rush (or are just impatient like me!) you could add a quick dry topcoat between each layer - although I'm not sure how much this would affect the 'thickness' of the design.

After layer 4 I added Seche Vite fast dry topcoat and voila! My first pond mani.

Blue Alopecia Awareness Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa
Blue Alopecia Awareness Pond Mani @acertainbeccaa

I absolutely love it! What do you think? Have you ever done a pond mani before?

Let's not forget the reason behind this design. To find out more about their Alopecia Awareness Event, head over to Glam Polish on Facebook and Instagram. They've also released a limited edition fund raising shade called 'Bad Hair Day' here

If you do decide to take part, remember to hashtag #bluemanisforalopeciaawareness
Becca x


  1. Awesome manicure for a great cause must give this a try when I've got a sheer polish :)

    1. Thank you lovely! I've decided I wanna try it with other colours but I dont really have any other sheer polishes :( x