Friday 11 September 2015

Nails Inc 'Seven Dials' Mix & Match Nail Art

A few days ago, I posted swatches of Nails Inc Gel Effect shade 'Seven Dials' (see here). I felt like the bright sunflower yellow shade would be a perfect base for a bit of nail art. I love adding flowers to bright colours, but I also fancied doing something different. As usual I made it up as I went along. Read more to find out how I did it!

Nail Art over Nails Inc 'Seven Dials' @acertainbeccaa

In case you missed my previous post, here's a swatch of the base colour. This is three thin coats of Seven Dials and a coat of Seche Vite.

Nails Inc Gel Effect 'Seven Dials' @acertainbeccaa
(I want to apologise again for the quality of my photos. I seem to love to do my nails late at night, so end up taking photos in horrible lighting.)

So, what did I do? To begin with I knew I wanted to add flowers. I decided to be lazy and stamp them on, and decided on Moyou London's pro plate 21 (online here). Here's a quick look at the full plate:
I opted for the last but one pattern on the bottom row, and stamped on my ring finger using Moyou London's 'White Knight' stamping polish (online here).

Stamped Flowers using Moyou Pro Plate 21
To add a little bit of extra detail (and colour) I then added gold dots to the centre of each flower. I did this using a dotting tool and Barry M's Gold Foil Effect polish.

 On my middle finger, I used striping tape to create two triangles - a large gold one across the middle of my nail, and a smaller white one above it. Here's how I laid out the striping tape:

Striping Tape for Simple Triangles @acertainbeccaa
As a final touch, I added two gold dots onto both my pointer and pinky fingers with two different sized dotting tools. This was intended to be my finished mani.

Nail Art over Nails Inc 'Seven Dials' @acertainbeccaa
I wasn't too sure that the overall look worked. The gold triangle on my middle finger seemed a bit too 'obvious', and I wasn't satisfied. To try and soften it up I more added a row of white dots along the bottom of the gold triangle.
I loved this final addition. To me it the design now looked so much better, and had a better flow to it.

What do you think? Did you prefer it before or after the white dots? Let me know what you think of the design and my choice of colours.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. This looks stunning and you make it look so easy to do. I love the end result and completely agree that by adding the dots across the gold triangle softened the edges so they weren't as sharp. I'm going to have to obtain this stamping plate and give this a go. Once again a fabulous blog Becca, keep them coming xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Glad you like it :) That flower pattern is my most used stamping design to date - I definitely recommend picking it up :) x