Monday 8 July 2019

Nailbuff App (& Goodies)

*AD - Gifted*
Hello! Recently, the lovely Harpreet over at Nailbuff reached out to me to find out what I thought of their nail polish app, and also offered to send me a few goodies. I used Nailbuff way back when it first launched a few years ago before I even started blogging. I hadn't visited it in a while, so I was more than happy to revisit and see how things have changed! Read on for more info and a quick mani!

Nailbuff App (& Goodies) @acertainbeccaa

Harpeet kindly sent me a Nailbuff tote bag, a dual wide and macro lens attachment, and a Nails Inc polish - she also glitter bombed me with those fabulous gold stars! The Nails Inc is festival glitter 'Isle of Wight', and I have since worn it paired with Painted Polish 'Stamped in Starfruit'. Below you can see it in one coat over my base, and sponged on for my ring finger.

Nails Inc 'Isle of Wight' (Alone & Over Yellow) @acertainbeccaa
Nails Inc 'Isle of Wight' (Alone & Over Yellow) @acertainbeccaa

Now onto the important part, the app itself! First off, it's completely free which is amazing. It started off mainly as a cataloguing app to help you keep track of your polish collection, where you can either browse by brand or add any polish you want yourself. It also has a clever colour picking feature that you can use to find your perfect polish shade. Polishes found through either method can be added to either your collection or to a wish list.

Nailbuff Polish Finding Feature @acertainbeccaa
Nailbuff Collection/Wishlist Feature @acertainbeccaa

If this wasn't enough, numerous other features have been added since I originally used the app. You can now use your location to find both salons and nail technicians in your area, and can even filter by types (salons, treatment rooms, or mobile technicians) and services (manicure, pedicure, gel, acrylic etc).

Nailbuff Salon/Technician Finding Feature @acertainbeccaa
Nailbuff Salon/Technician Finding Feature @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Do you keep track of your polish collection with some sort of app or list? I do have a spreadsheet (admittedly a slightly out of date one), but it's always handy to have it on your phone - plus the additional features of the app definitely make it much more advanced compared to other options!

Remember to check out the Nailbuff website here or download the Nailbuff app on the App Store completely free!

Nailbuff App (& Goodies) @acertainbeccaa

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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