Monday 15 July 2019

Born Pretty Store Review

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Hello! For today's post I have a Born Pretty Store review. I haven't done a review for Born Pretty in so long - I think my last one was back in September! I do really like a lot of their nail products though, so I'm glad to be sharing some with you again. This time around I was sent three different stamping plates and a pair of multichrome tweezers. Read on for more info and to see my manis in full!

Born Pretty Store Review @acertainbeccaa

First up for plates is Nicole Diary L04 (item #46229, online here), a large rectangular plate full of geometric patterns. I do like that this has both singular lines/chevrons and a selection of full nail images.

Nicole Diary plate L04 @acertainbeccaa

For my mani, I started with a matte gradient of Mavala 'Coral Bay' and Cuccio 'Water You Doing?!' (both swatched here). I then double stamped one of the full nail patterns over each nail, using white and then black.

Geometric Double Stamping @acertainbeccaa
Geometric Double Stamping @acertainbeccaa

Next is Harunouta plate L079 (item #46675, online here), a rectangular plate of marble and texture patterns.

Harunouta Plate L079 @acertainbeccaa

For my mani, I started with a base of Zoya 'Wednesday' (swatched here). I stamped one of the denser marble patterns in black, before stamping a slightly more subtle one over the top in gold.

Turquoise Stone Marble @acertainbeccaa
Turquoise Stone Marble @acertainbeccaa

Next is Born Pretty plate Pure World L001 (item #46393, online here), a rectangular plate with both floral and butterfly images. I thought this would be perfect for spring and summer manis.

Born Pretty plate Pure World L001 @acertainbeccaa

For my mani, I started with a white base using NCLA 'Ask The Magic 8 Ball'. I then dry brushed Sally Hansen 'Bubble Gum' & 'Green Apple' (both swatched here) over the top. To finish, I stamped the top right flower pattern over each nail.

Dry Brushed Flower Mani @acertainbeccaa
Dry Brushed Flower Mani @acertainbeccaa

Lastly, I also recieved a pair of multichrome tweezers (item #46530, online here). I picked the sharper pointy edged style as I find these really helpful for nail art, be it carefully removing and picking up decals or picking up small nail gems and charms. My last pair was Born Pretty and lasted me years (before I managed to lose them!).

Born Pretty Multichrome Tweezers @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? I quite like all of the nail art I managed to create with the three plates. I've already used one of them again, and have numerous ideas for using the other designs. I always get on really well with Born Pretty plates, and each one picked up perfectly first time. The tweezers also seem really good quality so far, so I'm happy!

You can find all items mentioned, along with countless others, on the Born Pretty Store website here. You can use my code BCAB10 for 10% off any full price items.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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