Friday 2 June 2017

May MeeBox Unboxing & Swatches - Lost City

Hello! Today I'm back with my unboxing and swatches of May's MeeBox. If you missed my posts for April's 'Soft Scoop' box, you can find my swatches here, and nail art look here. May's theme was 'Lost City', and I imagined a box full of tribal goodies. Read on for full swatches and a look at everything inside!

May 'Lost City' MeeBox @acertainbeccaa

First up is Annika (by The Edge Nails) 'Blue Lagoon', described as a 'bright aqua blue'. The formula is slightly thick, but smooth and easy to apply. It is almost opaque on the first coat, and perfect after a second. You get a lot of polish out on the brush so I suggest being careful. This did slightly stain my nails through basecoat. Below is two coats without topcoat. 

This polish refuses to photograph accurately. It is much more green-toned than my pictures show.

Annika 'Blue Lagoon' @acertainbeccaa
Annika 'Blue Lagoon' @acertainbeccaa

Next is Cuccio 'Pier Pressure', an off-white creme with a couple of drops of pink. The formula is smooth and easy to apply. As it is a light colour, it does start off fairly streaky. A second coat evens out most of the streaks, although I did just need a third. This is close to being the perfect nude for me (hello pasty white skin!). Below is three coats without topcoat.

Cuccio 'Pier Pressure' @acertainbeccaa
Cuccio 'Pier Pressure' @acertainbeccaa

Our last polish this month is Ruby Wing 'Hello Sailor', is a UV reactive base with gold and pink shimmer. Indoors the base is a very sheer light gold/orange colour, and in the sun it becomes slightly more opaque, and more orange. Unfortunately on it's own this makes my nails look a bit yellow. Below is three coats without topcoat.


Ruby Wing 'Hello Sailor' (Indoors) @acertainbeccaa
Ruby Wing 'Hello Sailor' (Indoors) @acertainbeccaa

Outdoors (apologies for the dodgy lighting):

Ruby Wing 'Hello Sailor' (Outdoors) @acertainbeccaa

As a nail art item, we recieved a MeeBox exclusive sheet of Lost City decals from House of Wonderland/Rockin Claws. I used these in my May MeeBox nail art look, so will let you know my thoughts in that post.

House of Wonderland 'Lost City' MeeBox Decals @acertainbeccaa

The last item included was a box of 10 soy based polish remover sheets from NCLA. These are acetone free, and claim to 'strengthen as they strip'. These would be perfect for travelling. I easily took a full mani off of 5 nails using less than half of one wipe. It was very moisturising although did leave my hands/nails feeling very greasy.

NCLA Soy Based Polish Remover Sheets @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Honestly, I'm not sure on this month's box. Unfortunately as the Annika polish stained me, the Cuccio is probably the only one I would wear again. That being said I think the Ruby Wing would have looked far nicer as a topper, so I should give it another go. I also did create a nail art look that I ended up really liking - keep an eye out for that in a future post!

You can find out more about MeeBox and subscribing here.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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  1. Not a fan of this box but I love that Annika polish and your swatches are stunning!
    Vicky x