Wednesday 3 May 2017

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art

Hello! As promised, today I have my nail art for April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox. If you missed my initial unboxing and swatches, you can find that post here. The pastel shades are perfect ice cream colours, and MeeBox even gave us dripping vinyls - so what else could I do except a dripping ice cream mani?! Read on to see how I created the look below.

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa

I started off by painting my index and pinky nails with Models Own 'Banana Split', middle nail with Trust Fund Beauty 'Do You Know Who My Father Is?', and my ring nail with iZ Beauty of London 'Baby Blue'. All are shown below with three coats, and topped with iZ Beauty 'Plump' topcoat.

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa

After making sure my base colours were completely dry, I randomly placed one of the Whats Up Nails dripping vinyls on each nail.

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa

I had a quick look through my collection for an ice cream cone colour, and settled on Barry M 'Sunkissed'. I generously painted over each vinyl to create an opaque colour, and them removed them while the polish was still wet.

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa

At this point I wasn't sure whether it looked more like chocolate sauce melting on to ice cream, or ice cream melting onto cones - I suppose it depends which way up my nails were! To finish off and make it slightly more obvious, I added sprinkles using the Whats Up Nails neapolitan confetti.

April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa
April's 'Soft Scoop' MeeBox Nail Art @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Aren't they cute! I wasn't sure how the confetti glitter would look, but I'm so glad I added it. I had also intended to use the Zoya Matte Velvet topcoat before adding my sprinkles, but managed to completely forget. Woops! I like to think my melting ice creams would have looked good matte!

You can find out more about MeeBox and subscribing here.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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