Tuesday 28 July 2020

ÜNT Cosmetics - Fantasy Peelable Polishes (& Nail Art)

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Hello lovelies! Today I have swatches of some peelable nail polishes from ÜNT Cosmetics. I have never actually used anything from ÜNT except their Ready for Takeoff peel-off base coat, so I was excited to have the chance to explore the brand a bit more. The Fantasy Peelable range consists of all water-based, peelable, and odourlous 10-free polishes which claim to be pregnancy and child safe. I have three to share with you, and nail art for each one. This is quite a long post, so let's get stuck in!

ÜNT Cosmetics - Fantasy Peelable Polishes (& Nail Art) @acertainbeccaa

Before getting into the individual swatches, I'll address the formulas. I applied each one directly to my naked nails without basecoat, then topped with the Fantasy Peelable base and topcoat. The formulas were all smooth and easy to apply. I did find that they take a little bit longer to dry than standard polish, so thin coats worked better. The opacity varied between shades, so I'll share that for each polish below. I'll also share my thoughts on the peel-off quality later in my post. Onto the polishes!

'Rebellious Style' (MG270) is a turquoise creme. I was almost able to get this one completely opaque in just one coat. I think if you did thicker coats, it may be achievable, but may also take longer to dry. Below is two coats topped with the Fantasy Peelable base and top coat.

ÜNT Cosmetics Fantasy Peelable 'Rebellious Style' (MG270) @acertainbeccaa

I thought this was the perfect shade for a turquoise stone inspired marble mani. I stamped two different marble patterns over each nail, first in black and then in gold.

Turquoise Stone Marble (ÜNT Peelable 'Rebellious Style') @acertainbeccaa

'Back to Ordinary' (MG305) is a white crelly with small red metallic flakes. I expected to need three coats with this one, but it was easy achievable in two thin coats. Below is two coats topped with the Fantasy Peelable base and top coat.

ÜNT Cosmetics Fantasy Peelable 'Back to Ordinary' (MG305) @acertainbeccaa

I added some red flowers over this one to make those little red flakies pop. I reverse stamped a flower image from UberChic Beauty plate 5-02, coloured it in red, and placed it onto three of my nails. On my middle nail, I stamped the 'oh happy day!' wording from plate 1-02.

Red Flowers (ÜNT Peelable 'Back to Ordinary') @acertainbeccaa

'Little Vacay' (MG295) is a mauvey purple jelly. Being more of a jelly, this one is on the sheerer side. However, it applies as an even colour and builds up really well, so the amount of coats you need is purely based on your preference. I personally liked three coats on my nails. Below is three thin coats topped with the Fantasy Peelable base and topcoat.

ÜNT Cosmetics Fantasy Peelable 'Little Vacay' (MG295) @acertainbeccaa

Being such a soft subtle shade, this one is so versatile when it comes to nail art. I decided to go with bright contrasting colours, adding red cherries from UberChic plate 9-01, and blue chevrons from the Got Chevron? plate.

Cherries & Chevrons (ÜNT Peelable 'Little Vacay') @acertainbeccaa

As mentioned, all three polishes are peelable. I found that they peeled off super easily, and in one quick clean piece. They didn't damage my nail underneath at all, and I have had peel off polishes and basecoats in the past that take layers off my nail off with them. I also managed really good wear time. I wore a few of these for a couple of days, and they withstood looking after an 11-month old, lots of hand washing and house work, and even a couple of baths. Again, other peelable polishes I've tried in the post don't last well, and pop off before you'd like them to.

ÜNT Cosmetics - Fantasy Peelable Polishes @acertainbeccaa
ÜNT Cosmetics - Fantasy Peelable Polishes @acertainbeccaa

As I used the peelable base and topcoat over the polishes and before I stamped, I could also peel off just the stamping layer - how cool is that! You could peel off your stamping and start again, or swap to a new design.

ÜNT Cosmetics - Fantasy Peelable Polishes @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? I'm super impressed with these! They're easy to apply, have good opacity, peel off super easily with no nail damage, but also long lasting and don't ping off unexpectedly. These hands down the best peel off polishes I've tried so far, and I would even say I prefer the Fantasy Peelable base and topcoat to my usual Ready for Takeoff peel-off base!

You can find the full Fantasy Peelable range on the ÜNT Cosmetics website here. Each bottle retails for $6.99, although they are currently 20% off if you buy 2 or more bottles.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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