Saturday 3 October 2020

Autumn/Fall Nail Art Looks

Hello lovelies! Today I have some more Autumn/Fall nail art looks to share with you. I've done all of these over the last few weeks, and with the exception of one or two on Instagram, have yet to share them. I figured it would make for a nice post and maybe even give someone a bit of inspiration. I created all but one of these while swatching the Zoya Fall 2020 Luscious Collection, so expect some Zoya spam! Read on for a look at each mani and more info.

Autumn/Fall Nail Art Looks @acertainbeccaa

First up is this subtle mani over a base of Zoya 'Teresa'. I used Painted Polish 'Stamped in Sugar' and images from Lina Nail Art Supplies plate 4 Seasons - Autumn 02.

Autumn Leaves (Zoya 'Teresa') @acertainbeccaa

Next is my first ever fan brush mani (I think?!). I used a fan brush to add rough stripes of Zoya 'Sharon' and Esmaltes Da Kelly 'Kiki' over Zoya 'Bentley'. Here it is before any topcoat or stamping.

Pink & Purple Textured Fan Brush @acertainbeccaa

After topcoating, I then stamped a pretty flower image from Lina Nail Art Supplies plate Make Your Mark 04 in white.

Pink & Purple Fan Brush Flowers @acertainbeccaa

For this super shifty leaf mani, I stamped using UberChic Beauty plate 1-02 and Barry M 'Silver Foil' over a base of Zoya 'Andrea'. I'm not always one for duo/multichromes, but I loved this combination so much.

Silver Leaves (Zoya 'Andrea') @acertainbeccaa

The next couple use very traditional Autumn colours, starting with some gradient stamping over Zoya 'Lisa'. I gradient stamped a leaf image from Lina 4 Seasons - Autumn 02 using Barry M 'Silver Foil', a Born Pretty Store gold stamping polish, and Painted Polish 'Woodland Whimsy 2.0'. I paired it with the 'Autumn is here' wording from the same plate.

Gradient Leaves (Zoya 'Lisa') @acertainbeccaa

For this next one, I started by swiping random brushstrokes of Zoya 'Tasha' over Zoya 'Soleil', both of which I think are perfect together for those golden/brown old leaves. I stamped the negative space leaf image from Lina 4 Seasons - Autumn 02.

Negative Space Leaves @acertainbeccaa

Next up is a mani that would also be perfect for either Winter or as a subtle Christmas look. I painted my ring nail with a Born Pretty Store gold, and my other nails with Zoya 'Mel'. I stamped a plaid pattern from Harunouta plate L010 and a stag (well, reindeer) from Born Pretty plate BP-192.

Plaid & Stag (Zoya 'Mel') @acertainbeccaa

This one is a bit more Halloween-y, but it still works for Autumn too so I thought I'd add it in here! I reverse stamped the pumpkin image from MoYou London plate Festive 15, colouring the pumpkins orange using Barry M 'Mandarin'. The base colour is Zoya 'Tommy'.

Pumpkins (Zoya 'Tommy') @acertainbeccaa

Now for the only non-Zoya mani in this post. I wanted to use this image as soon as I pulled out Lina plate 4 Seasons - Autumn 02, but I could never decide on a base colour. I finally settled on Barry M 'Lilac Orchid'. I reverse stamped it over each nail, colouring it with various Painted Polish and Barry M cremes.

Nuts for Fall (Barry M 'Lilac Orchid') @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Are you enjoying all of the Autumnal manis at the moment, or are you fully into the swing of spooky Halloween nails? I'm still doing a mix of both and quite enjoying it! I'll no doubt be back with more soon.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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