Tuesday 22 September 2020

Born Pretty Store - Halloween Plates

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Hi lovelies! Today I'm back with another Born Pretty Store review, this time containing four Halloween themed stamping plates. I know it might seem a bit early to be sharing these, but I figured there should still be enough time for you to order them yourself if I share them today! Two of the plates are from Nicole Diary, and two from Born Pretty themselves. Read on to see each mani in full and for more info!

Born Pretty Store - Halloween Plates @acertainbecca

First up is a skull mani using Nicole Diary plate L31 (item #50578, online here), a large plate full of a variety of floral skeleton images. I love the combination of the bones with the pretty florals and butterflies. I reverse stamped two of the smaller images over Zoya 'Sharon'.

Skulls & Florals @acertainbecca

Next is a blood splatter mani. I never can resist a good splatter around Halloween, I've done so many versions over the years. For this one I used Nicole Diary plate 192 (item #50573, online here) and Born Pretty plate Halloween S003 (item #50582, online here). To switch it up a bit, I also added barbed wire using the image on Halloween S003.

Blood Splatter @acertainbecca

Next is this vampire fang mani using an image from Born Pretty plate Halloween L010 (item #50579, online here). I reverse stamped the image over a base of Barry M 'Rock Pool', colouring it in using Painted Polish 'Stamped in Crimson' for the lips and a white polish for the teeth. I had originally planned to stamp on all four nails, but quite liked it with just the two.

Vampire Fangs @acertainbecca

Last up is a Halloween-themed gradient mani. Sticking to more traditional colours, I created my gradient using Barry M 'Mandarin', Zoya 'Sharon', and Zoya 'Bentley'. I then stamped various images from Born Pretty plates Halloween S003 and Halloween L010.

Halloween Gradient @acertainbecca

What do you think? Are you ready for Halloween nails yet, or do you still think it's a bit too early? I tend to normally wait for October, but as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to get these up a bit earlier in case anyone needed inspiration or wanted to get the plates for themselves.

You can find all four plates mentioned on the Born Pretty Store website here, along with plenty of other Halloween (and year round) suitable items.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x