Monday 5 August 2019

Orange Flowers (CbL 'Banana Smoothie)

Hello! I recently asked over on my Instagram stories what my followers prefer and would like to see more of from my blog - swatches, nail art, hauls etc. I got asked for more nail art, so while I still will be doing my usual posts, I'm going to try and factor in a few more nail art looks here and there. For today, I have a bright flowery mani. Read on for more info!

Orange Flowers (CbL 'Banana Smoothie') @acertainbeccaa

I started off with a base of Colors by Llarowe 'Banana Smoothie', a sheer yellow base with both unicorn pee and aurora pigments. I then made flower decals on my UberChic Beauty nail art mat. I used Creative Shop plate 97 and a Born Pretty Store black polish to stamp, and Barry M 'Tangerine' to colour in. I applied a decal to each nail before topcoating.

Orange Flowers (CbL 'Banana Smoothie') @acertainbeccaa
Orange Flowers (CbL 'Banana Smoothie') @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? I'm not usually one for sheerer polishes like 'Banana Smoothie', but I don't mind it as much as a base for nail art! I settled on orange flowers to match the orange/red shift in the shimmer pigments, and I do like how it turned out!

Hope to see you in the next post!

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