Monday, 13 November 2017

Minnie Mouse Triplet Mani (Lexi's 3rd Birthday)

Hello! Today I have a special triplet mani to share with you. Yesterday was Kirsty's (FairyTales Nails) daughter Lexi's 3rd Birthday. Kirsty asked me and Bethany (BNailedtoPerfection) to do a triplet birthday mani with her, and of course we said yes! Lexi is a lover of all things Minnie Mouse, so that was the chosen theme. Here are our manis. Read on to see my contribution and for more info!

Minnie Mouse Triplet Mani (Lexi's 3rd Birthday) @acertainbeccaa

I started with a base of Barry M 'Festival Fever', a pink creme with a subtle gold shimmer. This was a limited edition Superdrug release last year. It has a smooth, easy to apply formula and is opaque in two coats. My original swatch of this is a bit dodgy (hello long, uneven nails - see what I mean here), so I took an updated picture. Below is two coats with topcoat.

Barry M 'Festival Fever' @acertainbeccaa
Barry M 'Festival Fever' @acertainbeccaa

To add Minnie Mouse to my middle nail, I used My Online Shop plate JR-27. I stamped using Hit The Bottle 'As Black As Night' and coloured in using Cuccio 'Pier Pressure' and OPI 'Big Apple Red'. I also used NCLA 'Ask the Magic 8 Ball' to add Minnie's famous polka dots. I added matching white dots to my index and pinky nails. To finish I used UberChic Beauty plate Party Time to stamp 'Happy Birthday' onto my ring nail.

Minnie Mouse Triplet Mani (Lexi's 3rd Birthday) @acertainbeccaa
Minnie Mouse Triplet Mani (Lexi's 3rd Birthday) @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? I absolutely loved this mani, and thankfully so did Lexi! I'm a massive Disney and Minnie fan myself, so I'm secretly a tiny bit jealous that these weren't my own birthday nails. Me and Kirsty also did Minnie Mouse nails for Lexi's birthday last year (post here) - I love seeing how much we've both improved since then!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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  1. OMG, this is so cute, I am really loving it!
    But I also dare to disagree with you: your long nails (even when uneven) you used to have a long time ago were (still are and always will be) adorable. There are only a few women in the world which may have such long natural nails and you are one of them!

    1. Thank you! My picture quality in general has improved which I think makes a much bigger difference than length, glad to know the length wasn't too much though! x