Monday 2 October 2017

iZ Beauty of London 'The Big Apple' & 'Fuchsia Infusion'

Hello! Although I am back from holiday, I have decided to continue posting my older swatches in an attempt to completely clear my draft posts and start fresh. Today I have swatches of two gel effect polishes from iZ Beauty of London. I've really been loving the brand recently, and should actually have some newer goodies to share with you soon! Read on for a closer look at 'The Big Apple' and 'Fuchsia Infusion'.

iZ Beauty of London 'The Big Apple' & 'Fuchsia Infusion' @acertainbeccaa

'The Big Apple' is a deep berry red creme. The formula is lovely and smooth, and easy to apply. It is very opaque on the first coat, and covers perfectly in two. Like all of the gel effect polishes, this dries glossy, although I did top it with iZ Beauty's 'Plump' topcoat for that extra shine. Below is two coats with topcoat.

iZ Beauty of London 'The Big Apple' @acertainbeccaa
iZ Beauty of London 'The Big Apple' @acertainbeccaa

'Fuchsia Infusion' is a bright, saturated fuchsia pink. Again, the formula is smooth and easy to apply. This is a bit sheer at first but applies evenly. I could see a slight nail line at certain angles after a second coat, so added a third just in case. I left this without topcoat to show the natural glossy finish. Below is three coats without topcoat.

iZ Beauty of London 'Fuchsia Infusion' @acertainbeccaa
iZ Beauty of London 'Fuchsia Infusion' @acertainbeccaa

What do you think? Both are definitely classic colours, and have a place in any polish collection! My favourite has to be 'Fuchsia Infusion', I'm always a pink lover! That being said, I do like how 'The Big Apple' is a bit deeper and richer than the classic bright red - it feels that bit more unique.

Both polishes mentioned are available on the iZ Beauty website (£6 for 6ml) here.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x 

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  1. Two gorgeous polishes and that pink is screaming my name lol xx