Friday 16 September 2016

Rampart Nails (Guest Post)

Hi guys!

My name is Timea and I'm behind rampArtnails.

First of all a huge thank you to Becca, who welcomed me second time as a guest-blogger on her amazing blog! :)

As I'm writing this post I'm in Spain enjoying the the heat and the endless sunshine. This combination inspired me to do this nail design I will share with you today.

I thought once on holiday, I will give my nails a long due pampering session and also a new design (nearly every day)

Here are the ingredients for today's nails:

First I started with a mani bomb from Lush, which is not exactly a mani bomb, but because it's small, I used it today. It is one of their Luxury Bath Oils and let me tell you, it smells divine! :) You can find it here.

It dissolved quickly, and became a hot green mess, but it was a pleasure to soak my hand in it. My nails looked shiny and hydrated, oily but not greasy. I do enjoy, when my nails are long, but in the same time using them is getting more difficult, so I filed them back, also included a manicure. Here is a before and after picture:

As a base I used my trusted and beloved Nailtiques Formula2, the only base coat which is actually helping to restore the strength of my nails and also prevents flaking.

Then I applied two coats of Glisten&Glow "Wedding Gown White". Have to admit this beautiful one coater was not performing as it was before, but I'm blaming the heat and the dry breeze! ;)

Also applied liquid latex around my nails, as it will help the clean up.

I grabbed a make up sponge, and for the gradient I used China Glaze "Celtic Sun" with Girly Bits "Thump Your Melons".

I slowly build up the layers, I did only three, as the white base gave enough umph to achieve the opacity I was going for.

For the stamping I used my Clear Jelly Stamper from Rainbow Connection along with MoYou black stamping polish.

For the image I chose Moyra Geometry plate, also from Rainbow Connection.

With the stamping done, there was only the cleaning left (and hubby behind me, telling me we will be late from dinner...) :D

A quick layer of my all time favorite Seche Vite, and in 5 minutes we were out the door.

I do love this design so much! It screams Summer in so many ways! Deep in my heart I can't wait to put some nice fall shades on, as Autumn is my favorite season, but for now on, I hold on to the Summer until the last minute!

I really hope you enjoyed my little fest of brightness, please visit me on my blog:

Again a huge thank you Becca! I enjoy to read your posts, and it was a pleasure to take apart again!

See you soon! Xxx

Thank you Timea! I feel a bit cheeky having Timea write a guest post for me while on holiday herself, but I couldn't say no - especially with such a gorgeous summer manicure to share! Remember to check out Timea's Instagram here and blog here. Becca x


  1. Becca! Thank you so much for having me! It is always a pleasure to help you out, even on holiday! :) Xxx

    1. No worries lovely, thank you so much for writing this post for me :) xx