Monday 12 September 2016

Primark PS Swatches - LeasNails (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone! I’m Lea from LeasNails and I’m really excited to be guest blogging for Becca!

I quite often pop into Primark and have a sneaky peak at the nail polish section. Most of the time I gloss over them but the last few times I've been, some beauties have caught my eye!

I have two collections to show you, the first is the Gel Effect collection which consists of four colours and they are only £1.50 each! I love that the lids match the bottles as opposed to just black like the regular PS polishes. I also love that you can pull off the square part of the lid if you prefer to use just a round handled brush!

All four polishes have the same consistency and I managed to get good coverage in two coats, however as the bristles are quite tough, you have to load it up good and thick. Despite that, the polishes aren't too bad in consistency so you can get away with slightly thicker coats for better coverage.

image image

When I first saw the polishes in the shop I thought they looked really nice for a spring/summer-y collection, however I was quite surprised when I tried the pink and found that it was actually more neon than flower. That being said.. it's absolutely gorgeous and definitely something I will wear again in future.

I love all of the polishes in this collection, the grey has some gorgeous lilac undertones and the blue and green are beautiful and pastel-y. I haven't tried to do any art with these yet, but I'm pretty sure they could marble quite well! I also love how absolutely shiny they are even without top coat!

image image

From a different shopping trip, I also found the "Galactic Metal" collection. This came in a box of three and included one metalic Tardis-Blue polish, one large glitter topper and a pretty holo-silver polish.

The Blue polish levelled out quite well and had good coverage but I'm not sure if it's something I will wear in the future. I like it, but it doesn't do anything for my skin tone.

I also had high hopes for the large glitter topper, as it looked quite nice and packed in the bottle and hadn't sunk. However when I opened it and tried to paint it on my nails, I think I got about 1 glitter on the whole nail lol! So I opted for sponging on the glitter and that worked fine.. eventually!

image image

The holo topper actually turned out really nice and I got decent coverage in two coats. I think three would have left me with complete coverage but really who has time for three coats of nail polish?! Check out the macro shot though... it looks really pretty!

Anyway that's my two cents on these Primark polishes. Hopefully I can grab the new A/W Collection soon as I really do like the formula of these. The only downside is that you might want to wear a mask as they smell quite strong! :P

For how cheap they are, they are definitely worth investing some time into!

Love, Lea x

Thank you Lea! I haven't actually tried any PS polishes since they first came out. Lea's flawless swatches always make me want to pop back in and grab some - I might have to when I'm home! Remember to check out Lea's Instagram here, and her blog here. Becca x


  1. You know I'm a massive fan of Primark's polishes and although I don't pick up the smaller bottles, those Galactic polishes look fab. Lovely swatches xx

    1. I tried a couple when they first came out and wasn't a fan, but it sounds like I need to give them a second chance! Xx