Monday 31 August 2015

Nail Polish Collection & Storage

I LOVE seeing other people's nail polish collections. I'm very curious about how many they own, in what brands/colours, and how they store them. So I decided to spend my bank holiday showing you mine!

All my favourite brands are out on display on shelves - these are my pride and joy, I even convinced my boyfriend they needed to be in the front room. I refuse to admit that they are full, constantly rearranging them to fit in new goodies (I have literally just taken off a load of polishes to fit more OPI's & China Glazes on). Find out more after the jump!

My Nail Polish Shelves @acertainbecca

 I arrange by brand and then by collection and colour (confusing, I know!). First are mainstreams - Barry M, Essie, Models Own, Ciate, China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen, Nails Inc, and then indies - Myalee London (reviewed here), ChiChi Cosmetics, Picture Polish, Parrot Polish and GG Couture. The last shelf has Moyou London stamping polishes and a mix of random singular polishes.

I have a pink make-up case full of odd polishes and nail art items - nail foil, pens, dotting tools, glitter, nail files etc. Brands in here include Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Maybelline, w7 and Pretty.

Pink Make-Up Storage Case @acertainbeccaa
I have another tub of polishes that haven't quite made it up on my shelves. This also has Sally Hansens and Rimmels (I seem to have these two brands everywhere) and brands such as MUA, Make Up Gallery and Sinful Colours.

Stored alongside these, I have several random polish sets:

ChiChi Cosmetics Pearl Bead Sets @acertainbeccaa
London Girl Polishes @acertainbeccaa
Love your Nails Polish @acertainbeccaa
In the front room I have a small chest of drawers where I keep my hand creams, cuticle oils and various nail art items, as well as several China Glaze and OPI polish gift sets:

China Glaze and OPI Polish Gift Sets @acertainbeccaa
This drawer is supposed to be full of candles. Unfortunately, it has been invaded by even more polish - mainly Sinful Colours and doubles yet to be rehomed (China Glaze & Ciate). 

Candle Drawer Polish Invasion @acertainbeccaa
Lastly (promise!) I have a tin of polish on the coffee table where I keep recent purchases, and polish to be swatched/stored. This is what it currently looks like:

Polishes to be Swatched/Stored @acertainbeccaa
Woops! I'm shocked by the amount I actually own. I didn't realise how many little stashes I had around the flat. Basically, I NEED a destash, quick!!

How about you? Do you arrange by brand or by colour? On shelves or in drawers? Is there any of my collection you'd like more info on? Leave a comment and let me know!

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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