Sunday 30 August 2015

Myalee London - Swatches & Review

Today I have swatches and a quick review of new UK indie brand 'Myalee London'. Their first collection, the 'Rainbow Collection' consists of 7 beautiful polishes. The bright bottle shots on their Instagram screamed my name, and I ended up purchasing four colours: Green Apple, Disco Orange, Purple Grape and Hot Pink. Prepare yourself, these are BRIGHT! Find out more after the jump!
Myalee London 'Rainbow Collection' @acertainbecca

Of the four I bought, all had perfectly smooth and easy to use formulas. They all dried surprisingly shiny, and also very quickly. 
'Green Apple' is a super bright apple green. Myalee London included a note with my parcel recommending that I use a white base for this particular polish. I did find this to be the thinnest of the four, and ended up with four thin coats over white (China Glaze 'White on White').

Myalee London 'Green Apple' @acertainbeccaa
Four coats over white seemed way too much to me. It was getting thick and if you looked closely I still had subtle streaks even after four coats. As a comparison I decided to swatch Green Apple on a single nail without a white base. I achieved a much better coverage, becoming opaque within three quick thin coats. I added a fourth for good measure but it wasn't really necessary.
Myalee London 'Green Apple'

I much preferred Green Apple without the white base, so decided not to use one for the other three polishes.
'Disco Orange' is a blindingly bright orange. I was shocked to see how bright this came out on the nail. None of my other orange polishes even come close to this. I used three thin coats and top coat.
Myalee London 'Disco Orange' @acertainbeccaa
'Purple Grape' is well, a bright grape purple. Even though I love purple I don't seem to have any comparable colours in my collection. Most purples tend to come out fairly dark unless they have a lot of pink in them. This may be my new favourite purple polish! I used three thin coats and topcoat (this could easily have been left at two coats).
Myalee London 'Purple Grape' @acertainbeccaa
'Hot Pink' is again as described in the name, a hot pink. Pink is my favourite colour, so I swatched this last and I am currently wearing it as a full ten nail manicure. As with Purple Grape this can either be worn with two or three coats depending on your preference. I used three thin coats and topcoat.
Myalee London 'Hot Pink' @acertainbeccaa
When these came, I was impressed by just how bright they were. I was even more impressed (and slightly shocked) by how bright they came out on the nail. All photos were taken in my flat on a dull day. Imagine how much brighter these would be in the sun!

Myalee London 'Rainbow Collection' @acertainbeccaa
All of the polishes in Myalee London's Rainbow collection are priced at £4.99. They have limited offers for 3 or 4 bottles, and for the whole 7 piece collection. Head over to their website here. To see more swatches and a sneak peek at their next collection, check out their Instagram here.

What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of Myalee London's polishes? I will probably head over and buy the remaining three from this collection soon.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x


  1. Love the colours! Purple I would say is my favourite..

    1. If I picked a favourite, I think it would have to be Hot Pink :) x