Saturday 9 January 2021

Nail Art Catch Up

Hello! After my mammoth swatch catch up (fine that here if you missed it), I'm back today with my nail art catch up. Similar to the swatches, some of these date back at least 6 months ago. There's a lot in this post, so let's just get stuck in! Read on for a closer look at each mani and for more info.

Nail Art Catch Up @acertainbeccaa

First up is a gradient using Nails Inc 'Devonport Street', 'Carriage Drive', and 'Acid House'. This was for the AZ Nail Art Challenge prompt 'G for Gradient'.

AZ Nail Art Challenge 'G for Gradient' @acertainbeccaa

Next is some pink leopard print stamping over Opulent Essences 'Smoke Stone'. I used UberChic Beauty plate Out of Africa 01.

Pink Leopard Print @acertainbeccaa

Next is this mani using Lina Nail Art Supplies plates Feeling Shapely! 09 & Make Your Mark 04 over Opulent Essences 'Obsidian'.

Flowers @acertainbeccaa

Next is another Opulent Essences mani, this time using 'Rubellite'. I stamped the pretty swirl pattern from UberChic Beauty plate 3-01 using Barry M 'Silver Foil'.

Swirls @acertainbeccaa

Next up is a mani inspired by @nailsbykayleed over on Instagram. I added swipes over Pretty Serious Cosmetics 'Eat, Drink, and Assimilate' over Painted Polish 'Don't Stop Be-Leafing'. I then stamped flowers over the swipes of copper using Moyra plate 26 - Summertime.

Swipes & Flowers @acertainbeccaa

Next is one of my favourite manis I did over the summer (even if I didn't post it until September!). I stamped various images from the UberChic Beauty Mermaid Life plate over Dollish Polish 'We Are The Music Makers, & We Are The Dreamers of Dreams'. I used Esmaltes Da Kelly neon stamping polishes 'Ulli', 'Cleo', 'Bruce', 'Kiki', and 'Kaa'.

Just Add Water @acertainbeccaa

Next is another favourite of mine. All of the images I used are from the Mundo De Unas Garfield plate. The base is Barry M 'Sour Candy', and the orange used for Garfield himself is Barry M 'Mandarin'.

Garfield @acertainbeccaa

Next is a Halloween mani I wasn't massively keen on. There's nothing wrong with it, it just didn't come out how I had imagined. I stamped the ghost image from MoYou London plate Festive 15 over Anchor & Heart Lacquer crelly 'Encourage Mint'.

Purple Ghosts @acertainbeccaa

The rest of this post is all of the Christmas manis I did throughout November and December.

First up is a snowman themed mani over Opulent Essences 'Dirty Snowball'. The stamping images are all from Creative Shop plate 36.

Snowmen @acertainbeccaa

Next is a cute little Santa mani. I matted Beau Polish 'Sleigh-ing in Satin' from the Christmas UK Indie Box, and stamped images from the UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle plate.

Santa Baby @acertainbeccaa

Next is a super simple Christmas tree mani over a base of Opulent Essences 'Tree Up, Baubles Out', also from the Christmas UK Indie Box. The image is from the same plate, UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle.

Christmas Trees @acertainbeccaa

Next up is a candy cane mani. I used a base of Essie 'Romper Room', and double stamped the candy cane image on UberChic Beauty plate Christmas-02, first in white and then in red using Painted Polish 'Stamped in Crimson'.

Candy Canes @acertainbeccaa

Next is a gingerbread man mani. I love these images so much and I'm pretty sure I've used them every year since I've had the plate, UberChic Beauty Christmas-01. The base is Essie 'Lady Like'.

Gingerbread Men @acertainbeccaa

Next is another candy cane mani, but this time much simpler. I stamped the stripes from UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle over a white base (Sally Hansen 'White On') using Painted Polish 'Stamped in Crimson'.

Candy Cane Stripes @acertainbeccaa

Next is a classic Christmas jumper mani. For this one I used Essie 'Fishnet Stockings' and UberChic Beauty plate Christmas-01.

Christmas Jumper @acertainbeccaa

Next is possibly my favourite mani of the entire year. Using the UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle plate, I created some snowy trees that I paired with the 'winter magic' wording. The base is Zoya 'Meredith'.

Winter Magic @acertainbeccaa

Finally, this is my last Christmas mani of 2020. The base is Zoya 'Regina', stamped using Barry M 'Silver Foil', stars from Born Pretty Store plate BPX-L008, and the wording from UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle.

Christmas Stars @acertainbeccaa

Tada! What do you think? I know there a lot of Christmas manis in here, but also a good few others! I'm going to try and be a bit more consistent with my catch up posts this year so there isn't such a mish mash of seasons all in one post.

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x

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