Friday 12 February 2016

Fair Maiden Polish 'Hap-pea Birthday!'

Hi lovelies! As some of you may know, it was my birthday last month (28th January). Among the presents from my boyfriend was Fair Maiden Polish's 'Hap-pea Birthday!'. I was really excited as it is literally a birthday polish - you couldn't get anything more appropriate for the occasion. I didn't manage to get it onto my nails on the day, so decided to save it for today as it's my Daddy's birthday! As always, read on to find out more!

Fair Maiden Polish 'Hap-pea Birthday!'

Fair Maiden's 'Hap-pea Birthday!' is a beautiful soft holographic pastel-y green. I believe this was part of a Rainbow Connection exclusive duo alongside 'Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish'. 

The formula was very smooth and easy to apply although I did find that polish tends to run down the stem quite a bit - you may end up with too much on your brush if you're not careful. Shown below is two coats and topcoat.

Fair Maiden Polish 'Hap-pea Birthday!' @acertainbeccaa
Fair Maiden Polish 'Hap-pea Birthday!' @acertainbeccaa
How delicate and pretty is this?! I don't have anything even slightly similar in my collection. This is also the first Fair Maiden Polish I've worn. I did haul two other polishes from them in one of my U.S. Indie Hauls (post here) but have not yet got round to wearing them.

Not quite his colour, but Happy Birthday Daddio! <3

Hope to see you in the next post!
Becca x
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